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“A film about a group of complete unknowns becomes proof that everything is possible”

In 1997 the snowboarding event Arctic Open was held for the first time in Tromsø. Legend has it that a local snowboarder made a spectacular jump and that a movie was in the making. But what really happened? This is the story behind the myth, about a group of Tromsø’s forgotten snowboard heroes, told in a heartfelt and enthusiastic way by the protagonists themselves. Thus, a film about a group of complete unknowns becomes proof that everything is possible, while at the same time being a melancholic reminder that nothing lasts forever.

- Bergen International Film Festival

While searching for proof of a 20 year-old legend thought lost forever, a first-time director uncovers not only a gripping tale of friendship, hardship and faded dreams, but one last chance to make things right.

Richly told through archival VHS, photographs and super 8 footage, THERE’S ALWAYS NEXT SEASON tells the remarkable story of Team Scheffler, a group of teenage snowboarders from the Arctic town of Tromsø, Northern-Norway, who were on the cutting edge of snowboarding in its infancy. Assembled and tutored by the enigmatic Vegard Scheffler, a far-out prophet (and self-styled John the Baptist), they were local underdogs inventing their own subcultural movement and blazing their own trail in a time before the Internet, when news of other snowboarding aficionados arrived only in the form of rare VHS tapes imported from abroad.

According to legend, in 1997 Scheffler had the idea to turn their story into a film, but like the team, the movement and Scheffler himself, it disappeared as quickly as it had come about. Nearly two decades later, only the legend of Team Scheffler remained. But in 2011, director Carl Christian Lein Størmer, one of the original team members, decided to resurrect the story in order to prevent Scheffler’s legacy from fading away. But would the rest of the team be interest in going along with the plan?

In the process of tracking down the remaining members of Team Scheffler, the story takes an unforeseeable U-turn from retrospection to confrontation via the unimaginable challenge of trying to finish what they once started. What follows is a six-year odyssey that takes them around the globe, through ecstatic highs and soul-crushing lows, forcing each to confront their own common past and to rise to the occasion: One last chance to put their mark on snowboarding history.

THERE’S ALWAYS NEXT SEASON depicts the passion, spectacular beauty and brutality of snowboarding (shot on far-out locations in Northern-Norway, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, Switzerland and Sweden), but at heart this isn’t a sports film. With a narrative approach that recalls SENNA, the subcultural mysticism of EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP and the time-defiant pathos of TRAINSPOTTING 2, THERE’S ALWAYS NEXT SEASON is a moving coming-of-age story about persistence, passion, friendship, the disappointments of aging, and what it truly takes to make sure your legacy isn’t forgotten.


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